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Get access to a bunch of free patterns to crochet some dope & uniqe amigurumi and meet all my other designs with patterns up for grabs in my shop. On top of that find some sick tips and tutorials to elevate your crocheting game to the next level!
I am a self-taught crocheter, always vibin' to design some dope and unique amigurumi that stands out from the crowd. What truly makes my crochet designs unique is all of the different influences I incorporate into my work: be it hip-hop, anime, gaming or Japanese culture, just to name a few. Not to forget everything cat. At the end of the day, it ain't just 'bout the yarn and the hook for me, but it's about designing and crocheting Amigurumi that are drippin' with swag, showing how cool crocheting can actually be.

Stay lit fam and thanks a bunch for stopping by!

Slender Cat Amigurumi

Are you ready to embark on a unique crafting journey? Dive into my Slender Cat Amigurumi crochet pattern, where the eerie meets the adorable. This isn’t just another crochet project; it’s your gateway to creating a slender, mysterious cat with a captivatingly creepy charm. Imagine crafting those elongated limbs, piercing eyes, and a sleek body – all wrapped up in a cozy amigurumi style. Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or just dipping your toes into the amigurumi world, this pattern is designed for an engaging and slightly spooky crafting experience.

Headphone Derp Monkey Amigurumi

Ever feel like your crochet gang could use a little more… personality? Well, meet the newest member of the squad: our Derp Monkey with Headphones! He’s a little goofy, totally adorable, and ready to rock out with his headphones on. This pattern is all about having a good time and adding some playful vibes to your crochet adventures. Whether you’re chilling with some tunes or just need a break from the everyday routine, this monkey is the perfect project to keep your hands busy and your heart light.

Daruma Cat Amigurumi

Since knotorious loves y’all, I provide you with another lit amigurumi crochet pattern. This ain’t just any pattern, nope – it’s a daruma. And if you’re sitting there thinking, “What’s a daruma?”, let me school you for a sec. Those darumas are them Japanese dolls you might have already seen around, looking all serious like they’ve been through some things. But here’s the twist – we ain’t just sticking to the original daruma. We’ve infused this bad boy with some mad cat swag!

Golang Gopher Amigurumi

Ever feel that solo vibe when you’re deep in the code grind? Say no more, fam. I got the solution to kill that loneliness: Peep my Golang Gopher Amigurumi crochet pattern. Whip up one of these dope Gopher homies, and you’ve got yourself a day-one coding sidekick. Real talk, once you’ve got them lil’ dudes by your side, taking care of them is even more chill than crafting them up in the first place. This design? Pure freestyle. Rolled the dice and it came out straight fire.

Straw Hat Amigurumi

Ever feel like cutting the grind out of your life and just wilding out as a pirate? Lemme tell ya: I catch that vibe more times than I can count. But if we’re taking notes from the OG Pirate King to be himself, we know that we can’t just step into that life without the proper style. So here’s the deal: I got your back with my Straw Hat Amigurumi Crochet Pattern! Whether you’re a cat looking to cosplay or just trying to pimp one of your amigurumi by adding some additional swag, this right here’s the blueprint.

Bubble Tea / Boba Amigurumi

Boba ain’t just some sweet drink, it’s a whole vibe: boba is life! From the first moment that sweet nectar got in contact with my feline taste buds, I was hooked! Fast-forward to now, and I’m out here adding to the Boba gang with my own Bubble Tea Amigurumi crochet pattern. Whip up some of them fresh lil’ Boba buddies that won’t add any inches to your waistline, but they’ll for sure light up your smile. You feeling peachy? Or maybe you’re vibin’ with that Matcha green?