Kanye the Gangsta Cat Amigurumi - Crochet Pattern for Thug Cat wearing a Hoodie

knotorious.loops original character

What she order, fish fillet?

Kanye the cat is a bit of a snitch, but got his heart in the right place, making him a bit of a loveable sleaze.

This one has been sittin‘ on my mind for quite some time, as the character of Kanye the cat, wearing a red hoodie has been living in my head rent free for a couple of years already. But, I never managed to materialize that fresh lil‘ feline in any form. Who would have thought at the time that it would be a crocheted amigurumi that helped me finally bring Kanye to life? Not me! Maybe, having the little plushie in my hands now will be enough inspiration to finally tell Kanye‘s whole story. Stay tuned!

Ready to create your own Kanye Amigurumi and up the swag level of your crochet game to over nine thousand? Find the digital crochet pattern for the Kanye the Gangsta Cat Amigurumi in all of my shops, either on my etsy, ko-fi or on my ravelry.

  • The pattern is written in English and uses US terminology.
  • This is a 13-page PDF document with written instructions and pictures for creating an amigurumi doll as shown in the photos. The finished figure will measure approximately 8cm in height when using Sport (2: fine) yarn and a 3mm hook. The size will vary depending on the type of yarn and size of the needle used.
  • Pattern difficulty is Intermediate. To make this amigurumi, you should be familiar with how to crochet in the round & in the oval, basic crochet stitches, and how to sew pieces together.
  • This pattern has been tested with different types of yarn and hooks <3
  • This pattern and the character is owned and protected under Copyright 2024 owned by knotorious.loops. All rights reserved. You may not alter, copy, sell, or redistribute this pattern in whole or in part.