Mon€yki N€ko Amigurumi - Crochet Pattern


How lucky you wanna be? - Yes!

Have you ever thought about what happens when a straight-up traditional lucky cat gets too much into rap music? They transform into Mon€kyi N€ko, the lucky cat with the hip-hop swag, that’s what happens!

Based on the traditional Japanese lucky cats (or originally maneki neko in Japanese), this original creation by me incorporates everything that knotorious.loops stands for: amigurumi, crochet and swag – it’s basically, the illest cat you’ll ever meet.

These fresh felines just love showing off their sense of style with their oversized Basektball Jerseys (shouting out to their main squad), those fresh Beanies and that iced out Bling they rock. And what about that ink? That’s them reppin’ their roots, of course. While they got the swag turned up to the max, they’re still about their original mission - spreading happiness, good luck, the best vibes and immeasurable style to as many households as possible.

To break it down – Mon€yki N€kos are coming at you in all different colors, each one paying respect to the ancient wisdom of the original Japanese lucky cats:

  • White: you in search of good luck and happiness? that’s the one for you!
  • Black: want good luck and be safely protected from all the evil out there? roll with that black!
  • Gold: you still lacking a lil’ bit of money for a life of fortune and prosperity? gold’s gonna light your way!

If you are a crocheter yourself, please check out the digital crochet pattern in all of my shops, either on my ko-fi or on my etsy for this fresh feline.