Inugami & Nekogami Amigurumi - 2 in 1 Crochet Pattern for Japanese yokai


I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost

Welcome to the world of Japanese folklore with a twist! My latest amigurumi crochet pattern brings to life the Inugami and Nekogami, two fascinating yokai straight from the mystical streets of Japan.

Inugami, literally dog god or dog ghost is a spiritual being often involved in vengeful plots, embodying loyalty and fierceness. On the other hand, Nekogami, meaning cat god or cat ghost is all about mystery and agility, often seen as a protector of households. These ancient beings have danced through countless stories and legends, and now it‘s your turn to stitch their magic into reality. Get your crochet hooks ready – we‘re about to bring some cool, mythical vibes into your home!

Love Japanese yokai, cats and dogs? Find the digital crochet pattern for the Inugami / Nekogami amigurumi in all of my shops, either on my etsy, ko-fi or on my ravelry.