Straw Hat Amigurumi

Free Crochet Pattern

Wazzuuuup Crochet Crew?

Ever feel like cutting the grind out of your life and just wilding out as a pirate? Lemme tell ya: I catch that vibe more times than I can count. But if we’re taking notes from the OG Pirate King to be himself, we know that we can’t just step into that life without the proper style.

So here’s the deal: I got your back with my Straw Hat Amigurumi Crochet Pattern! Whether you’re a cat looking to cosplay or just trying to pimp one of your amigurumi by adding some additional swag, this right here’s the blueprint. It ain’t some major project – think of it more like a fresh lil’ accessory to elevate the whole fit of an amigurumi or cat. One the plus side, that also makes it super easy and quick to make. In no time, you’ll be ready to hit those high seas and chase those treasures.

By the way, I whipped this one up in a single go, without any frogging and was like: ‘Look at me. I am the crocheter now’😹

General Instructions

Yarn colors you will need:

  • Color for hat itself (something that resembles straw, so some beige or light shade of brownish)
  • Red color

Abbreviations used

  • MR = magic ring
  • sc = single crochet
  • inc = increase
  • FLO = frontloop only only

The Pattern


- Use Hat Color -

R1)MR + 8sc(8)
R3)[sc, inc] x8(24)
R4)[2sc, inc] x8(32)
R5)[3sc, inc] x8(40)
R6 - 10)40sc(40)

- Change color to red -

R11 + 12)40sc(40)

- Change color back to hat color -

R13)FLO 40sc(40)
R14)[4sc, inc] x8(48)
R15)[5sc, inc] x8(56)
R16)[6sc, inc] x8(64)
R17)[7sc, inc] x8(72)

Finish off with a slip stitch and weave in all the ends.

Congrats, you’re done!

Mad props for checking out my pattern!

Don’t hesitate to tag me on Instagram @knotorious.loops with pictures of your finished projects.