Daruma Cat Amigurumi

Free Crochet Pattern

Wazzuuuup Crochet Crew?

Since knotorious loves y’all, I provide you with another lit amigurumi crochet pattern. This ain’t just any pattern, nope – it’s a daruma. And if you’re sitting there thinking, “What’s a daruma?”, let me school you for a sec. Those darumas are them Japanese dolls you might have already seen around, looking all serious like they’ve been through some things. But here’s the twist – we ain’t just sticking to the original daruma. We’ve infused this bad boy with some mad cat swag! So, we’re talkin’ a Cat Daruma crochet pattern. That’s right, fam. Cat + Daruma = Pure Dopeness.

Now, let me drop some culture on you. Most of the time you see these darumas, they rockin’ that fierce red. But they ain’t limited to just that one variation. These dolls come out stunting in various colors, each one having its own deep meaning:

  • Red: That’s all about safety, luck, and good fortune. Rock a red one when you wanna attract all them good vibes.
  • Gold: If you’re all about that cash money, then this one’s for you. It symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and gettin’ that sweet money!
  • Purple: For the fam that wants to keep it at 100 for the long haul, purple’s where it’s at. It stands for health and longevity.
  • Black: My entrepreneurs and hustlers, this one’s for y’all. Black is all about successful business and makin’ them moves.

So, whether you tryna bless your space with good vibes, make some paper, keep it healthy, or run the game in your business, there’s a Cat Daruma waiting for you. Get your crochet game on, and let’s bring these cool kitties to life! Peace out!

If you’re digging them Cat Darumas, but you’re too lazy to pick up that crochet hook to make one yourself, just slide into my shop to find them all finished up already waiting for you.

General Instructions

Yarn colors you will need:

  • Daruma color (classically red, but possibly also black, yellow, purple, etc.)
  • Cat color
  • Cat details color
  • Daruma details color (preferrably gold, but for instance for the yellow version alternatively also white or black)
  • Pink

Abbreviations used

  • MR = magic ring
  • sc = single crochet
  • inc = increase
  • dec = decrease
  • BLO = backloop only
  • FLO = frontloop only
  • ch = chain
  • hdc = half double crochet

The Pattern


- use Daruma color -

R1)MR + 6sc(6)
R3)[sc, inc] x6(18)
R4)sc, inc, [2sc, inc] x5, sc(24)
R5)[3sc, inc] x6(30)
R6)2sc, inc, [4sc, inc] x5, 2sc(36)
R7)5sc, inc, 4sc, inc - change to Cat color - BLO: [sc, dec, sc, dec, sc, sc, dec, sc, dec, sc] - change to Daruma color - 5sc, inc, 4sc, inc(36)
R8)3sc, inc, 6sc, inc, sc - change to Cat color - sc BLO, 10sc, sc BLO - change to Daruma color - sc, inc, 6sc, inc, 3sc(40)
R9 - 11)14sc - change to Cat color - 12sc - change to Daruma Color - 14sc(40)
R12)14sc, sc FLO, - change Cat color - 10sc - change to Daruma color - sc FLO, 14sc(40)
R13)14sc, inc BLO, FLO [sc, 2inc, sc, 2inc, sc, 2inc, sc], inc BLO, 14sc(48)
R14)[7sc, inc] x2, BLO [7sc, inc] x2, [7sc, inc] x2(54)
R16)[7sc, dec] x5(48)
R17)3sc, dec, [6sc, dec] x5, 3sc(42)
R18)[5sc, dec] x6(36)
R19)2sc, dec, [4sc, dec] x5, 2sc(30)
R20)[3sc, dec] x6(24)
R21)sc, dec, [2sc, dec] x5, sc(18)

- Stuff the body -

R22)[sc, dec] x6(12)

Finish off and sew bottom tight.


make 2

- Use Cat color -

R1)MR + 3sc(3)
R3)[2sc, inc] x2(8)
R4)[3sc, inc] x2(10)

Finish off with a slip stitch and leave a bit of a tail for sewing.

Inside of Ears

make 2

The inside of the ears can either be crocheted as described here or be embroidered during assembly.

- Use Pink color -
ch3 + sc + hdc


  1. Sew crocheted inside of ears onto the respective ears or embroider using the Pink color.
  2. Sew both Ears to the top of the Body.
  3. Embroider eyes, mouth, whiskers and other face details using the Cat details color.
  4. Embroider a Kanji and additional decorations using the Daruma details color.

Congrats, you’re done!

Mad props for checking out my pattern!

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