Bubble Tea / Boba Amigurumi

Free Crochet Pattern

Wazzuuuup Crochet Crew?

Boba ain’t just some sweet drink, it’s a whole vibe: boba is life! From the first moment that sweet nectar got in contact with my feline taste buds, I was hooked! Fast-forward to now, and I’m out here adding to the Boba gang with my own Bubble Tea Amigurumi crochet pattern. Whip up some of them fresh lil’ Boba buddies that won’t add any inches to your waistline, but they’ll for sure light up your smile.

You feeling peachy? Or maybe you’re vibin’ with that Matcha green? Damn, you could even be on some next-level flavor I ain’t even know about yet. Colors? Flavors? It’s all up to you. Remix it how you see fit.

I see those other Boba Amigurumi Patterns floating around for sure, but trust me, mine’s got that special sauce. It’s clean, it’s slick, and even if you’re new to the crochet game, it’s a breeze. You know what’s more? This pattern right here is where my journey of designing patterns began – my very first crochet pattern I ever designed myself. Respect the roots.

General Instructions

Yarn colors you will need:

  • Color for boba itself (proabably depending on the flavor you want to go for, e.g. something orange-like for mango, etc.)
  • Color for the lid of the boba (usually something light beige or white)
  • Color for the bubbles (something dark brownish or a darker shade of the boba color)
  • Color for the straw (something dark like black or dark brown)
  • Colors for face details (I used mostly black and pink for this)

Abbreviations used

  • MR = magic ring
  • sc = single crochet
  • inc = increase
  • BLO = backloop only

The Pattern


- use Boba color -

R1)MR + 6sc(6)
R3)[sc, inc] x6(18)
R4)[2sc, inc] x6(24)
R5)[3sc, inc] x6(30)
R6)[4sc, inc] x6(36)
R7)BLO 36sc(36)
R8 - 22)36sc(36)

Finish off with a slip stitch.


- use Lid color -

R1)MR + 6sc(6)
R3)[sc, inc] x6(18)
R4)[2sc, inc] x6(24)
R5)[3sc, inc] x6(30)
R6)[4sc, inc] x6(36)

Finish off with a slip stitch and leave a long tail for sewing.


- use Straw color -

R1)MR + 6sc(6)
R2 - 7)6sc(6)

Finish off with a slip stitch and leave a tail for sewing.


(make 8 - 10)

The bubbles can either be crocheted as described here or be embroidered during assembly. I recommend the embroidery, as it is much easier and faster!

- use Bubble color -

R1)MR + 3sc(3)

Finish off and leave a tail for sewing.


  1. Stuff the Cup and sew the Lid on top of the Cup.
  2. Crochet 1 row of sc around up-most row of the Cup using the Lid Color.
  3. Sew the straw to the top of the lid.
  4. Either sew crocheted bubbles to the cup or embroider them.
  5. Embroider eyes, mouth and potentially some blushing or other face details.

Congrats, you’re done!

Mad props for checking out my pattern!

Don’t hesitate to tag me on Instagram @knotorious.loops with pictures of your finished projects.