All free-patterns

If you're on the hunt for some legit and free amigurumi crochet patterns, you've landed in the right spot. From those classic old-school vibes to the fresh new drops, I got a collection that's straight fire. Every single one of them is designed by yours truly, knotorious.loops. So, why you still chillin'? Get that hook in hand and let's get to crocheting! 😼 Have I already mentioned that they are all on the house, 100% free?

Feel free to reach out to me at any time if anything in the patterns is unclear to you, you find mistakes or if you just ended up liking one of my patterns.

Once you've nailed that piece and it's looking tight, don't leave me hanging. Show off your mad skills and tag me on 'Gram. Can't wait to see how you've flipped my designs!